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Our international markets have a rigorous inspection procedure for residues and microbiology in a statistically ensured way at an accredited laboratory. There

Quality Matters to Us

We at Kuras Garden endeavor to meet the highest quality standards in the production and processing of ALL our Moringa products.

We ensure that our workers go through a comprehensive training and strictly adhere to our Standard Operation Procedures thus the continued award of the EU Organic Certification from a reputable International Awarding Body.

KGFE Organic Code: GM-BIO-141

KGFE Organic Certificate No. A-2017-00346 / 2017-06725

Organic Moringa products produced and processed in Kuras Garden are guaranteed to attain required European standards for export to the international market. Highest care and health and safety standards are observed during processing and packaging of all our Moringa products. Our hygiene conditions are meets the highest standards and we assure our customers due diligence of care.


Our prices are comparatively low and special discounts are further offered to Bulk Buyers. As a responsible employer, Kuras Garden provides greatest employment opportunities to women and the poor. Therefore buying Kuras Garden products means empowering Gambian women and poor families.

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